I never imagined I’ld be a public servant, The Guardian

When I was eight, I imagined myself as the Australian honorary member of the Famous Five, tramping alongside Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog as we explored the rugged English coast. When I was 11 I wanted to be a scientist who wore a pristine white lab coat and won a Nobel Prize for an earth-shattering discovery. Read more

The simple things in life, The Age

Tomorrow s the start of Mental Health Week, a series of events held to inform the community of the importance of the issue. This time last year, I spent the week in a psychiatric hospital, recovering from a crippling episode of severe depression that plunged me into darkness and drained me of life. Read more

Taking the leap from commerce to arts, ArtsHub

I have taken two leaps of faith in my career. Both involved the arts and both have their origins in the 1950s when my parents set sail from Greece to start a new life in Afstralia. My life script was written on that boat trip and included university and a career in a respectable profession. Read more

An illness that should not be hidden, The Age

The statistics are well known: one in five people will experience depression in their lifetime. I had paid scant attention to this fact until I became one of the one in five and experienced a crippling episode of depression. Suddenly the statistics became more than numbers on a page. Read more

Public policy

Wearing my public policy hat, articles and reports I've published include: 

  • The evolution of the digital state: Australian Journal of Public Administration
  • The 21st century public servant: Public Administration Today
  • Agile government, Victorian Public Sector Commission
  • The future of the public sector: Victorian Public Sector Commission

I am an associate editor of the Australian Journal of Public Administration.