Rebellious Daughters

Good girls hold their tongues, obey their elders and wait for marriage to determine their destiny. Rebellious daughters are just the opposite.

In this anthology of true stories, some of Australia’s most talented female writers share their experiences of rebellion and defiance as they challenge familial and societal expectations to find their place in the world. 

Rebellious Daughters contributors include: Marion Halligan, Jane Caro, Jamila Rizvi, Maria Katsonis, Susan Wyndham, Lee Kofman, Rebecca Starford, Amra Pajalic, Jo Case, Leah Kaminsky, Michelle Law, Caroline Baum, Rochelle Siemienowicz, Nicole Redhouse, Krissy Kneen, Silvia Kwon and Eliza-Jane Henry-Jones.


"Rebellious Daughters is brimming with with wise, funny, intimate stories". Australian Financial Review

"All of the writers ... bring something of worth to the feast."  The Age

"Rebellious Daughters is just as notable for its portrait of families in joy and crisis, struggling to adhere to the expectations of the ‘good' family, as it is for the rebellion of daughters". The Australian

"By equal turns poignant, funny and confronting, Rebellious Daughters is a well crafted anthology."  Readings Magazine

"Some terrific Australian female writers offer their own stories of rebellion and the search for independence". The Herald Sun

"Honest storytelling and brilliant writing. 4.5 stars". The Big Issue

"Four stars. A stellar line up of Australian female writers."  Books+Publishing

"Thank you for your courage in sharing your personal stories with us in such beautiful and candid words."  Peril

"This compilation both showcases our writing talent and shares a diverse array of heartbreaking and heartwarming true stories."  Australian Press Network

"... the collection is touching, challenging and celebratory." LIP

"The variety of perspectives shared within Rebellious Daughters makes for an engaging collection; the compilation well-balanced and easy to read."  Westerly Magazine

"... in this book all of the messiness and cruelty of life is on display."  The Newtown Review of Books

"Easy to read, painfully honest, yet interspersed with wry humor, these engrossing memoirs sensitively describe parents, daughters, sisters and grandparents with snappy dialogue and a fast pace."  Good Reading Magazine

"This is an extraordinary collection of memoir – so readable, so interesting… truly reflects the breadth and depth of contemporary Australian women writers." Reading, Writing and Riesling

"I adored that the rebellious nature of each woman was captured and celebrated in such a raw and glorious manner." AusRom Today