Newcastle here I come

I'm heading to Newcastle for the fourth Newcastle Writers Festival  1-3 April 2016. I'm appearing in a number of sessions including panels about family and identity and another about writing about mental illness.

But the session, I'm looking forward to the most is 5x15 where I have 15 minutes to talk about any subject. It's my own personal soapbox and anything could happen.

Here's the rundown of my gigs:

Saturday 2 April, 8.30pm
Five speakers, 15 minutes. No subject is off limits.
An evening of bold revelation and unpredictability. Hold onto your hats!
With Marc Fennell, Chris Flynn, Maria Katsonis, Rosie Waterland and Paul West.
Hosted by Dan Cox.
The Ties that Bind
Sunday 3 April, 11.30am
A discussion about family, identity and language.
With Abdi Aden, Maria Katsonis and Ellen van Neerven.
Hosted by Keri Glastonbury.
The Struggle Within
Sunday 3 April, 1.30pm
Writing about mental illness with Sophie Hardcastle and Maria Katsonis.
Hosted by Anneli Knight.