The Good Greek Girl

Did you hear the one about the good Greek girl who walked into a tattoo parlour to celebrate the anniversary of her discharge from a psych hospital? No? Well that doesn’t surprise me because it’s not a joke, there is no punch line. It’s a true story about me and is told in The Good Greek Girl, a memoir about my experience of depression and rebellion against a traditional Greek upbringing.

The Good Greek Girl is available as a paperback and ebook. You can purchase either edition here. It was published in the UK as The Mind Thief.

What they've said

" ... generous, intelligent and loving. The world needs the rare kindness Katsonis is able to show to both herself and others."  The Age

"It is impossible not to enjoy Katsonis' warm and open companionship as she takes us through her life."  Sydney Morning Herald

"... this is a brave memoir ... The quality of Katsonis’ writing is superb. She demonstrates a playful sense of humour despite the gravity of her topic."  Readings Monthly

‘It’s a stunning book. I found it compelling and so lucidly written."  Jon Faine, ABC 774 Melbourne

"A very profound memoir, I really found it extraordinary to read. I’ve told all my colleagues about this."  Natasha Mitchell, ABC RN Life Matters

"a keenly observed and unflinching memoirABC 774 Melbourne

"she writes clearly and lucidly about her decline, hospitalisation and recovery, and helps the reader understand what it means to be 'out of your mind'."  Adelaide Advertiser

"The value in this text is the explicit detailing of daily life in the psych ward, in suffering depression, and in the path to recovery."  Books and Publishing

Rebellious Daughters

Good girls hold their tongues, obey their elders and wait for marriage to determine their destiny. Rebellious daughters are just the opposite.

Rebellious Daughters is an anthology I co-edited which features true stories of rebellion and defiance from Australia's finest female writers including Marion Halligan, Jane Caro, Jamila Rizvi, Susan Wyndham, Lee Kofman, Rebecca Starford, Leah Kaminsky, Michelle Law, Caroline Baum, Rochelle Siemienowicz, Nicole Redhouse, and Krissy Kneen.

What they've said

"Rebellious Daughters is brimming with with wise, funny, intimate stories". Australian Financial Review

"All of the writers ... bring something of worth to the feast."  The Age

"Rebellious Daughters is just as notable for its portrait of families in joy and crisis, struggling to adhere to the expectations of the ‘good' family, as it is for the rebellion of daughters". The Australian

"By equal turns poignant, funny and confronting, Rebellious Daughters is a well crafted anthology."  Readings Magazine

"Some terrific Australian female writers offer their own stories of rebellion and the search for independence". The Herald Sun

"Honest storytelling and brilliant writing. 4.5 stars". The Big Issue

"Four stars. A stellar line up of Australian female writers."  Books+Publishing

Letters of Love

I was a contributor to Letters of Love, an anthology featuring words from the heart penned by prominent Australians writing about love in all its shapes and sizes - from romance to platonic love to the love of family.