Mental health

I am passionate about smashing the stigma of mental illness, especially in the workplace.

In 2008, I experienced an episode of severe depression. I was hospitalised for five weeks and it was another four weeks before I could return to work. On my return, I decided to share my story with colleagues.

In nearly every case, people disclosed their own experience with mental illness or that of their parents, siblings, partners or children. Their collective weight overwhelmed me and I was struck by the silence shrouding mental illness. I decided to tell my story to an audience on a larger scale and wrote an opinion article about the stigma of mental illness for The Age.

That was my first foray into mental health advocacy.  I am actively involved with Beyond Blue's Ambassador and Speaker Bureau, sharing my story to reduce stigma and increase understanding of mental illness. I am also on the Steering Committee for the National Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Strategy which is being developed by the National Mental Health Commission. I was previously a member of Mental Health Australia's National Consumer and Carer Register, working at the national level to provide a strong consumer voice in the mental health sector.

A memoir of my experience of mental illness has been published, titled The Good Greek Girl.


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